WHL Staff & Contact Information

You may contact the Western Hockey League at:
Mail/Courier Address:
Father David Bauer Arena
2424 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 3Y9
Phone: (403) 693-3030
Fax: (403) 693-3031

  • Ron Robison, Commissioner
  • Richard Doerksen, Vice-President, Hockey
  • Yvonne Bergmann, Vice-President, Business Development
  • Greg Gardner, Vice-President, Operations
  • Kevin Muench, Senior Director, Officiating
  • Stacy Baker, Director, Finance
  • Cory Leonhardt, Director, Marketing and Business Development
  • Taylor Rocca, Director, Communications
  • Zach Hodder, Manager, Player Development
  • Karen Sharp, Executive Assistant
  • Stacey Meyer, Manager, Education Services
  • Greg Thomson, Manager, Hockey Operations
  • Mason Stewart, Manager, Officiating
  • Allison Selsing, Manager, Marketing
  • Wade Tam, Manager, Business Operations
  • Robert Murray, Coordinator, Communications
  • Hannah Nordman, Coordinator, Video Services
  • James Doroshuk, Coordinator, Hockey Operations Video Services
  • Lauren Zandee, Coordinator, Marketing


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