WHL Awards

WHL Awards

The Western Hockey League is privileged to be able to honour a number of key individuals who were instrumental in the development of the League with its annual awards.

With this in mind, each of the WHL’s trophies and awards bears a tribute to our contributors.


Four Broncos Memorial Trophy

The most prestigious individual award of the Western Hockey League has been named the Four Broncos Memorial Trophy in memory of the four members of the Swift Current Broncos who died in a tragic accident on December 30, 1986.

The four players (Trent Kresse, Scott Kruger, Chris Mantyka and Brent Ruff) all died when the Swift Current bus crashed while enroute to a game in Regina.

“In order that we never forget this incident, we have named this trophy in memory of these four young men,” stated Ed Chynoweth.

“Like hundreds of other players before them, and hundreds that will follow, WHL players spend countless hours riding the bus in pursuing their hockey aspirations. By naming the Most Valuable Player Trophy in honor of these four players, hopefully we will never forget the sacrifice given by these young men.”

Up to 1993-94, this trophy was awarded to the Most Valuable Player in the WHL. As of 1994-95, the WHL Player of the Year receives this trophy.

2020-21 WHL Player of the Year

Peyton Krebs, Winnipeg ICE

Four Broncos Memorial Trophy Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Player of the Year

2019-20 Adam Beckman, Spokane
Joachim Blichfeld, Portland
Carter Hart, Everett 
Sam Steel, Regina
Dryden Hunt, Moose Jaw
2014-15 Oliver Bjorkstrand, Portland
2013-14 Sam Reinhart, Kootenay
2012-13 Adam Lowry, Swift Current
2011-12 Brendan Shinnimin, Tri-City*
2010-11 Darcy Kuemper, Red Deer
2009-10 Jordan Eberle, Regina*
2008-09 Brett Sonne, Calgary
2007-08 Karl Alzner, Calgary
2006-07 Kris Russell, Medicine Hat
2005-06 Justin Pogge, Calgary
2004-05 Eric Fehr, Brandon
2003-04 Cam Ward, Red Deer
2002-03 Josh Harding, Regina
2001-02 Dan Hamhuis, Prince George
2000-01 Justin Mapletoft, Red Deer
1999-00 Brad Moran, Calgary
1998-99 Cody Rudkowsky, Seattle
1997-98 Sergei Varlamov, Swift Current*
1996-97 Peter Schaefer, Brandon
1995-96 Jarome Iginla, Kamloops
1994-95 Marty Murray, Brandon
1993-94 Sonny Mignacca, Medicine Hat
1992-93 Jason Krywulak, Swift Current
1991-92 Steve Konowalchuk, Portland
1990-91 Ray Whitney, Spokane

1989-90 Glen Goodall, Seattle
Stu Barnes, Tri-City
1987-88 Joe Sakic, Swift Current
1986-87 West – Rob Brown, Kamloops
East – Joe Sakic, Swift Current
1985-86 West – Rob Brown, Kamloops
East – Emanuel Viveiros, Prince Albert
1984-85 Cliff Ronning, New Westminster
1983-84 Ray Ferraro, Brandon
1982-83 Mike Vernon, Calgary
1981-82 Mike Vernon, Calgary
1980-81 Steve Tsujiura, Medicine Hat
1979-80 Doug Wickenheiser, Regina
1978-79 Perry Turnbull, Portland
1977-78 Ryan Walter, Seattle
1976-77 Barry Beck, New Westminster
1975-76 Bernie Federko, Saskatoon
1974-75 Bryan Trottier, Lethbridge
1973-74 Ron Chipperfield, Brandon
1972-73 Dennis Sobchuk, Regina
1971-72 John Davidson, Calgary
1970-71 Ed Dyck, Calgary
1969-70 Reg Leach, Flin Flon
1968-69 Bobby Clarke, Flin Flon
1967-68 Jim Harrison, Estevan
1966-67 Gerry Pinder, Saskatoon

Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman Trophy

Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman has been a pioneer in promoting higher education and hockey. For many years Doc Seaman has been a staunch supporter of the efforts of Hockey Canada and the Western Hockey League to ensure all players are able to combine education with hockey.

As well, he has been a great promoter of the City of Calgary, as evidenced by his efforts to bring the Atlanta Flames to Calgary to become the beloved Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League.

Due to Seaman’s support for programs that promote the combining of education and hockey, and the Western Hockey League’s education program in particular, the WHL chose to name this Scholastic Player of the Year Award in honour of Doc Seaman in 1996.

The player selected as the top student-athlete in the WHL will be presented the Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman Trophy.

2020-21 WHL Scholastic Player of the Year

Ethan Peters, Edmonton Oil Kings


Scholastic Player of the Year Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Scholastic Player of the Year, an award first instituted at the CHL level in the 1988-89 season.

2019-20 Dylan Garand, Kamloops
Dustin Wolf, Everett*
Ty Smith, Spokane
Brian King, Everett
Tanner Kaspick, Brandon
2014-15 Nick McBride, Prince Albert
2013-14 Nelson Nogier, Saskatoon
2012-13 Josh Morrissey, Prince Albert*
2011-12 Reid Gow, Spokane
2010-11 Colin Smith, Kamloops
2009-10 Adam Lowry, Swift Current
2008-09 Stefan Elliott, Saskatoon
2007-08 Jordan Eberle, Regina
2006-07 Keith Aulie, Brandon
2005-06 Brennen Wray, Moose Jaw
2004-05 Gilbert Brule, Vancouver*
2003-04 Devan Dubnyk, Kamloops*
2002-03 Brett Dickie, Brandon
2001-02 Tyler Metcalfe, Seattle
2000-01 Dan Hulak, Portland*
1999-00 Chris Nielsen, Calgary
1998-99 Chris Nielsen, Calgary
1997-98 Kyle Rossiter, Spokane*
1996-97 Stefan Cherneski, Brandon*
1995-96 Bryce Salvador, Lethbridge
1994-95 Perry Johnson, Regina*
1993-94 Byron Penstock, Brandon
1992-93 David Trofimenkoff, Lethbridge*
1991-92 Ashley Buckberger, Swift Current
1990-91 Scott Niedermayer, Kamloops*
1989-90 Jeff Nelson, Prince Albert*
1988-89 Jeff Nelson, Prince Albert*
1987-88 Kevin Cheveldayoff, Brandon
1986-87 Casey McMillan, Lethbridge
1985-86 Mark Janssens, Regina
1984-85 Mark Janssens, Regina
1983-84 Ken Baumgartner, Prince Albert


Bob Clarke Trophy

In both years Bob Clarke played in the WHL, he captured the League scoring title. In 1968-69, Clarke’s Flin Flon Bombers captured the League Championship. His NHL career spanned 15 seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers, in which time he captained the team to a pair of Stanley Cups. He was awarded the Hart Trophy as the League’s MVP three times, the Masterton Trophy and the Selke Trophy once each, and was also named an All-Star four Times.

2020-21 WHL Top Scorer

Peyton Krebs, Winnipeg ICE


Top Scorer Winners:

*Also won CHL Top Scorer Award

2019-20 Adam Beckman, Spokane
Joachim Blichfeld, Portland
Jayden Halbgewachs, Moose Jaw*
Sam Steel, Regina*
Adam Brooks, Regina
2014-15 Oliver Bjorkstrand, Portland
2013-14 Mitch Holmberg, Spokane
2012-13 Brendan Leipsic, Portland (tie)*
Nicolas Petan, Portland (tie)*
2011-12 Brendan Shinnimin, Tri-City
2010-11 Linden Vey, Medicine Hat *
2009-10 Brandon Kozun, Calgary *
2008-09 Casey Pierro-Zabotel, Vancouver
2007-08 Mark Santorelli, Chilliwack
2006-07 Zach Hamill, Everett
2005-06 Troy Brouwer, Moose Jaw
2004-05 Eric Fehr, Brandon
2003-04 Tyler Redenbach, Swift Current
2002-03 Erik Christensen, Kamloops
2001-02 Nathan Barrett, Lethbridge
2000-01 Justin Mapletoft, Red Deer
1999-00 Brad Moran, Calgary
1998-99 Pavel Brendl, Calgary
1997-98 Sergei Varlamov, Swift Current
1996-97 Todd Robinson, Portland
1995-96 Mark Deyell, Saskatoon
1994-95 Daymond Langkow, Tri-City
1993-94 Lonny Bohonos, Portland
1992-93 Jason Krywulak, Swift Current
1991-92 Kevin St. Jacques, Lethbridge
1990-91 Ray Whitney, Spokane
1989-90 Len Barrie, Kamloops
1988-89 Dennis Holland, Portland
1987-88 Theoren Fleury, Moose Jaw (Tie)
Joe Sakic, Swift Current (Tie)
1986-87  West – Rob Brown, Kamloops
East – Craig Endean, Regina
1985-86 Rob Brown, Kamloops
1984-85 Cliff Ronning, New West.
1983-84 Ray Ferraro, Brandon
1982-83 Dale Derkatch, Regina
1981-82 Jock Callander, Regina
1980-81 Brian Varga, Regina
1979-80 Doug Wickenheiser, Regina
1978-79 Brian Propp, Brandon
1977-78 Brian Propp, Brandon
1976-77 Bill Derlago, Brandon
1975-76 Bernie Federko, Saskatoon
1974-75 Mel Bridgman, Victoria
1973-74 Ron Chipperfield, Brandon
1972-73 Tom Lysiak, Medicine Hat
1971-72 Tom Lysiak, Medicine Hat
1970-71 Chuck Arnason, Flin Flon
1969-70 Reg Leach, Flin Flon
1968-69 Bobby Clarke, Flin Flon
1967-68 Bobby Clarke, Flin Flon
1966-67 Gerry Pinder, Saskatoon

Brad Hornung Trophy

Tragedy struck twice in the 1986-87 season in the WHL. After the Broncos bus accident, the WHL was further grieved when Brad Hornung was paralyzed after an unfortunate accident in a game in Regina on March 1, 1987. In his two years with the Regina Pats, Brad Hornung combined talent, desire and an unmistakable sportsmanlike attitude. This award will honour other players who display the same attributes.

2020-21 WHL Most Sportsmanlike Player

Eli Zummack, Spokane Chiefs

Most Sportsmanlike Winners:

*Also selected as CHL Most Sportsmanlike Player

2019-20 Seth Jarvis, Portland
 Justin Almeida, Moose Jaw*
Aleksi Heponiemi, Swift Current*
Tyler Steenbergen, Swift Current
Tyler Soy, Victoria
2014-15 Rourke Chartier, Kelowna*
2013-14 Sam Reinhart, Kootenay
2012-13 Dylan Wruck, Edmonton
2011-12 Mark Stone, Brandon*
2010-11 Tyler Johnson, Spokane
2009-10 Jason Bast, Moose Jaw*
2008-09 Tyler Ennis, Medicine Hat
2007-08 Tyler Ennis, Medicine Hat
2006-07 Aaron Gagnon, Seattle
2005-06 Kris Russell, Medicine Hat*
2004-05 Kris Russell, Medicine Hat
2003-04 Nigel Dawes, Kootenay
2002-03 Boyd Gordon, Red Deer
2001-02 Ian White, Swift Current
2000-01 Matt Kinch, Calgary
1999-00 Trent Hunter, Prince George
1998-99 Matt Kinch, Calgary*
1997-98 Cory Cyrenne, Brandon*
1996-97 Kelly Smart, Brandon
1995-96 Hnat Domenichelli, Kamloops
1994-95 Darren Ritchie, Brandon
1993-94 Lonny Bohonos, Portland
1992-93 Rick Girard, Swift Current*
1991-92 Steve Junker, Spokane
1990-91 Pat Falloon, Spokane*
1989-90 Bryan Bosch, Lethbridge
1988-89 Blair Atcheynum, Moose Jaw
1987-88 Craig Endean, Regina
1986-87 West – Dave Archibald, Portland
East – Len Nielsen, Regina
1985-86 West – Ken Morrison, Kamloops
East – Randy Smith, Saskatoon
1984-85 Cliff Ronning, New Westminster
1983-84 Mark Lamb, Medicine Hat
1982-83 Darren Boyko, Winnipeg
1981-82 Mike Moller, Lethbridge
1980-81 Steve Tsujiura, Medicine Hat
1979-80 Steve Tsujiura, Medicine Hat
1978-79 Errol Rausse, Seattle
1977-78 Steve Tambellini, Lethbridge
1976-77 Steve Tambellini, Lethbridge
1975-76 Blair Chapman, Saskatoon
1974-75 Danny Arndt, Saskatoon
1973-74 Mike Rogers, Calgary
1972-73 Ron Chipperfield, Brandon
1971-72 Ron Chipperfield, Brandon
1970-71 Lorne Henning, Estevan
1969-70 Randy Rota, Calgary
1968-69 Bob Liddington, Calgary
1967-68 Bernie Blanchette, Saskatoon
1966-67 Moris Stefaniw, Estevan

Bill Hunter Memorial Trophy

Bill Hunter is honoured for his role as a founder and builder of the League. Hunter served as Owner, General Manager and Coach of the Edmonton Oil Kings, while also serving as the first Chairman of the Board. Without a doubt, Bill Hunter was the driving force that kept the WHL in the forefront of Major Junior Hockey in Canada during his years as the “Godfather” of the Edmonton Oil Kings.

It goes without saying that Major Junior Hockey has never seen an individual as dedicated and enthusiastic as the man known as the “Fiery Red Leader”, who along with his long time friend, the late Scotty Munro, were “the WHL” in its formative years.

2020-21 WHL Defenceman of the Year

Braden Schneider, Brandon Wheat Kings

Top Defenceman Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Defenceman of the Year

2019-20 Ty Smith, Spokane
Ty Smith, Spokane*
Kale Clague, Moose Jaw
Ethan Bear, Seattle
Ivan Provorov, Brandon*
2014-15 Shea Theodore, Seattle
2013-14 Derrick Pouliot, Portland
2012-13 Brenden Kichton, Spokane
2011-12 Alex Petrovic, Red Deer
2010-11 Stefan Elliott, Saskatoon
2009-10 Tyson Barrie, Kelowna
2008-09 Jonathon Blum, Vancouver*
2007-08 Karl Alzner, Calgary*
2006-07 Kris Russell, Medicine Hat*
2005-06 Kris Russell, Medicine Hat
2004-05 Dion Phaneuf, Red Deer
2003-04 Dion Phaneuf, Red Deer
2002-03 Jeff Woywitka, Red Deer
2001-02 Dan Hamhuis, Prince George*
2000-01 Christian Chartier, Prince George
1999-00 Micki DuPont, Kamloops*
1998-99 Brad Stuart, Calgary*
1997-98 Michal Rozsival, Swift Current
1996-97 Chris Phillips, Lethbridge
1995-96 Nolan Baumgartner, Kamloops
1994-95 Nolan Baumgartner, Kamloops*
1993-94 Brendan Witt, Seattle
1992-93 Jason Smith, Regina
1991-92 Richard Matvichuk, Saskatoon
1990-91 Darryl Sydor, Kamloops
1989-90 Kevin Haller, Regina
1988-89 Dan Lambert, Swift Current
1987-88 Greg Hawgood, Kamloops*
1986-87 West – Glen Wesley, Portland
East – Wayne McBean, Medicine Hat
1985-86 West – Glen Wesley, Portland
East – Emanuel Viveiros, Prince Albert
1984-85 Wendel Clark, Saskatoon
1983-84 Bob Rouse, Lethbridge
1982-83 Gary Leeman, Regina
1981-82 Gary Nylund, Portland
1980-81 Jim Benning, Portland
1979-80 Dave Babych, Portland
1978-79 Keith Brown, Portland
1977-78 Brad McCrimmon, Brandon
1976-77 Barry Beck, New Westminster
1975-76 Kevin McCarthy, Winnipeg
1974-75 Rick Lapointe, Victoria
1973-74 Pat Price, Saskatoon
1972-73 George Pesut, Saskatoon
1971-72 Jim Watson, Calgary
1970-71 Ron Jones, Edmonton
1969-70 Jim Hargreaves, Winnipeg
1968-69 Dale Hoganson, Estevan
1967-68 Gerry Hart, Flin Flon
1966-67 Barry Gibbs, Estevan

Jim Piggott Memorial Trophy

Jim Piggott is being honoured for both his role in building the Saskatoon Blades and the Western Canada Hockey League, now known as the WHL.

Piggott was the sole owner of the Blades and an original founding member of the League. He also owned teams in the old professional Western Hockey League in such places as Los Angeles, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Piggott served as Chairman of the Board, and along with Del Wilson was one of the driving forces to bring the three Major Junior Leagues in Canada together under one roof.

2020-21 WHL Rookie of the Year

Connor Bedard, Regina Pats

Rookie of the Year Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Rookie of the Year

2019-20 Dylan Guenther, Edmonton
Brayden Tracey, Moose Jaw 
Dylan Cozens, Lethbridge
Aleksi Heponiemi, Swift Current
Matthew Phillips, Victoria
2014-15 Nolan Patrick, Brandon
2013-14 Nick Merkley, Kelowna
2012-13 Seth Jones, Portland
2011-12 Sam Reinhart, Kootenay
2010-11 Mathew Dumba, Red Deer
2009-10 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Red Deer
2008-09 Brett Connolly, Prince George*
2007-08 Brayden Schenn, Brandon
2006-07 Kyle Beach, Everett
2005-06 Peter Mueller, Everett
2004-05 Tyler Plante, Brandon
2003-04 Gilbert Brule, Vancouver
2002-03 Matt Ellison, Red Deer*
2001-02 Braydon Coburn, Portland
2000-01 Scottie Upshall, Kamloops*
1999-00 Dan Blackburn, Kootenay*
1998-99 Pavel Brendl, Calgary*
1997-98 Marian Hossa, Portland
1996-97 Donovan Nunweiler, Moose Jaw
1995-96 Chris Phillips, Prince Albert
1994-95 Todd Robinson, Portland
1993-94 Wade Redden, Brandon
1992-93 Jeff Friesen, Regina*
1991-92 Ashley Buckberger, Swift Current
1990-91 Donevan Hextall, Prince Albert
1989-90 Petr Nedved, Seattle*
Wes Walz, Lethbridge
1987-88 Stu Barnes, New Westminster
1986-87 West – Dennis Holland, Portland
East – Joe Sakic, Swift Current
1985-86 West – Ron Shudra, Kamloops (tie)
West – Dave Waldie, Portland (tie)
East – Neil Brady, Medicine Hat
1984-85 Mark Mackay, Moose Jaw
1983-84 Cliff Ronning, New Westminster
1982-83 Dan Hodgson, Prince Albert
1981-82 Dale Derkatch, Regina
1980-81 Dave Michayluk, Regina
1979-80 Grant Fuhr, Victoria
1978-79 Kelly Kisio, Calgary
1977-78 Keith Brown, Portland (tie)
John Ogrodnick, New Westminster (tie)
1976-77 Brian Propp, Brandon
1975-76 Steve Tambellini, Lethbridge
1974-75 Don Murdoch, Medicine Hat
1973-74 Cam Connor, Flin Flon
1972-73 Rick Blight, Brandon
1971-72 Dennis Sobchuk, Regina
1970-71 Stan Weir, Medicine Hat
1969-70 Gene Carr, Flin Flon
1968-69 Ron Williams, Edmonton
1967-68 Ron Fairbrother, Saskatoon
1966-67 Ron Garwasiuk, Regina

Del Wilson Memorial Trophy

Del Wilson is being honoured for his many years of service to both the Regina Pats and the Western Hockey League. Wilson was an owner, Governor and General Manager of the Pats and served six years as Chairman of the Board, as well as the WHL’s Referee-in-Chief. Wilson, along with Piggott, led the WHL into a partnership with Ontario and Quebec, and today there are 59 Major Junior teams in the three Leagues. Wilson passed away in November of 2015 at 88 years of age.

2020-21 WHL Goaltender of the Year

Dustin Wolf, Everett Silvertips

Top Goaltender Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Goaltender of the Year

2019-20 Dustin Wolf, Everett*
Ian Scott, Prince Albert*
Carter Hart, Everett*
Carter Hart, Everett*
Carter Hart, Everett*
2014-15 Taran Kozun, Seattle
2013-14 Jordon Cooke, Kelowna
2012-13 Patrik Bartosak, Red Deer*
2011-12 Tyler Bunz, Medicine Hat
2010-11 Darcy Kuemper, Red Deer*
2009-10 Martin Jones, Calgary
2008-09 Chet Pickard, Tri-City
2007-08 Chet Pickard, Tri-City*
2006-07 Carey Price, Tri-City*
2005-06 Justin Pogge, Calgary*
2004-05 Jeff Glass, Kootenay*
2003-04 Cam Ward, Red Deer*
2002-03 Josh Harding, Regina
2001-02 Cam Ward, Red Deer
2000-01 Dan Blackburn, Kootenay*
1999-00 Bryce Wandler, Swift Current
1998-99 Cody Rudkowsky, Seattle*
1997-98 Brent Belecki, Portland
1996-97 Brian Boucher, Tri-City
1995-96 David Lemanowicz, Spokane
1994-95 Paxton Schafer, Medicine Hat
1993-94 Norm Maracle, Saskatoon*
1992-93 Trevor Robins, Brandon
1991-92 Corey Hirsch, Kamloops*
1990-91 Jamie McLennan, Lethbridge
1989-90 Trevor Kidd, Brandon*
1988-89 Danny Lorenz, Seattle
1987-88 Troy Gamble, Spokane
1986-87 West – Dean Cook, Kamloops
East – Kenton Rein, Prince Albert
1985-86 Mark Fitzpatrick, Medicine Hat
1984-85 Troy Gamble, Medicine Hat
1983-84 Ken Wregget, Lethbridge
1982-83 Mike Vernon, Calgary
1981-82 Mike Vernon, Calgary
1980-81 Grant Fuhr, Victoria
1979-80 Kevin Eastman, Victoria
1978-79 Rick Knickle, Brandon
1977-78 Bart Hunter, Portland
1976-77 Glen Hanlon, Brandon
1975-76 Carey Walker, New Westminster
1974-75 Bill Oleschuk, Saskatoon
1973-74 Garth Malarchuk, Calgary
1972-73 Ed Humphreys, Saskatoon
1971-72 John Davidson, Calgary
1970-71 Ed Dyck, Calgary
1969-70 Ray Martyniuk, Flin Flon
1968-69 Ray Martyniuk, Flin Flon
1967-68 Chris Worthy, Flin Flon
1966-67 Ken Brown, Moose Jaw

Dunc McCallum Memorial Trophy

The Dunc McCallum Memorial Trophy honours the outstanding record and contribution of Dunc McCallum while coaching the Brandon Wheat Kings from 1976-81. McCallum compiled an impressive coaching record over six WHL seasons, with 251 wins, 123 losses and 41 ties.

Not awarded during the 2020-21 season.

Coach of the Year Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Coach of the Year

2019-20 Brad Lauer, Edmonton
Marc Habscheid, Prince Albert
Manny Viveiros, Swift Current
John Paddock, Regina
Dave Lowry, Victoria
2014-15 John Paddock, Regina
2013-14 Dave Lowry, Victoria
2012-13 Ryan McGill, Kootenay
2011-12 Jim Hiller, Tri-City*
2010-11 Don Nachbaur, Spokane
2009-10 Mark Holick, Kootenay
2008-09 Don Hay, Vancouver
2007-08 Don Nachbaur, Tri-City
2006-07 Cory Clouston, Kootenay
2005-06 Will Desjardins, Medicine Hat*
2004-05 Cory Clouston, Kootenay*
2003-04 Kevin Constantine, Everett
2002-03 Marc Habscheid, Kelowna*
2001-02 Bob Lowes, Regina*
2000-01 Brent Sutter, Red Deer*
1999-00 Todd McLellan, Swift Current
1998-99 Don Hay, Tri-City
1997-98 Dean Clark, Calgary*
1996-97 Brent Peterson, Portland
1995-96 Bob Lowes, Brandon*
1994-95 Don Nachbaur, Seattle
1993-94 Lorne Molleken, Saskatoon
1992-93 Marcel Comeau, Tacoma*
1991-92 Bryan Maxwell, Spokane*
Tom Renney, Kamloops
Ken Hitchcock, Kamloops*
1988-89 Ron Kennedy, Medicine Hat
1987-88 Marcel Comeau, Saskatoon
1986-87 Ken Hitchcock, Kamloops
1985-86 Terry Simpson, Prince Albert
1984-85 Doug Sauter, Medicine Hat
1983-84 Terry Simpson, Prince Albert
1982-83 Daryl Lubiniecki, Saskatoon
1981-82 Jack Sangster, Seattle
1980-81 Ken Hodge, Portland
1979-80 Doug Sauter, Calgary
1978-79 Dunc McCallum, Brandon
1977-78 Dave King, Billings (Tie)
Jack Shupe, Victoria (Tie)
1976-77 Dunc McCallum, Brandon
1975-76 Ernie McLean, New Westminster
1974-75 Pat Ginnell, Victoria
1973-74 Stan Dunn, Swift Current
1972-73 Pat Ginnell, Flin Flon
1971-72 Earl Ingarfield, Regina
1970-71 Pat Ginnell, Flin Flon
1969-70 Pat Ginnell, Flin Flon
1968-69 Scotty Munro, Calgary


Lloyd Saunders Memorial Trophy

Lloyd Saunders is being recognized and honoured for his outstanding contribution to sports in general, but more particularly for his continuous support of Junior Hockey in Western Canada.

Saunders is the “Dean” of sportscasters in Western Canada and in his earlier years he covered almost every major sporting event imaginable from the Olympics to the World Series, from the Grey Cup to Memorial Cups and Briers.

He has also been honoured by being selected to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Not awarded during the 2020-21 season.

Executive of the Year Winners:

*Also selected as the CHL Executive of the Year

2019-20 Peter Anholt, Lethbridge
Curtis Hunt, Prince Albert
Garry Davidson, Everett
John Paddock, Regina
Peter Anholt, Lethbridge
2014-15 Kelly McCrimmon, Brandon
2013-14 Cam Hope, Victoria
2012-13 Bob Green, Edmonton
2011-12 Bob Green, Edmonton
2010-11 Lorne Molleken, Saskatoon
2009-10 Kelly McCrimmon, Brandon
2008-09 Kelly Kisio, Calgary
2007-08 Bob Tory, Tri-City
2006-07 Bob Tory, Tri-City
2005-06 Scott Bonner, Vancouver
2004-05 Jeff Chynoweth, Kootenay
2003-04 Kelly Kisio, Calgary
2002-03 Bruce Hamilton, Kelowna
2001-02 Brad McEwen, Swift Current
2000-01 Brent Sutter, Red Deer
1999-00 Tim Speltz, Spokane
1999-00 Tim Speltz, Spokane
Don Hay, Tri-City
1997-98 Ken Hodge, Portland
1996-97 Todd McLellan, Swift Current
1995-96 Tim Speltz, Spokane Chiefs
1994-95 Kelly McCrimmon, Brandon*
1993-94 Bob Brown, Kamloops*
1992-93 Bruce Hamilton, Tacoma
1991-92 Daryl Lubiniecki, Saskatoon
1990-91 Bob Brown, Kamloops
1989-90 Russ Farwell, Seattle*
1988-89 Dennis Beyak, Saskatoon
1987-88 Jim Loria, Spokane


Scotty Munro Memorial Trophy

The WHL Regular Season Points Champion will continue to receive the Scotty Munro Memorial Trophy. Along with Bill Hunter, Munro was one of the original founders of the WHL. He also served as General Manager of the Estevan Bruins and both General Manager and Coach of the Calgary Centennials.

Not awarded during the 2020-21 season.

Regular Season Champions:

2019-20 Portland Winterhawks
Prince Albert Raiders
Moose Jaw Warriors
Regina Pats
Victoria Royals
2014-15 Brandon Wheat Kings
2013-14 Kelowna Rockets
2012-13 Portland Winterhawks
2011-12 Edmonton Oil Kings
2010-11 Saskatoon Blades
2009-10 Calgary Hitmen
2008-09 Calgary Hitmen
2007-08 Tri-City Americans
2006-07 Everett Silvertips
2005-06 Medicine Hat Tigers
2004-05 Kootenay ICE
2003-04 Kelowna Rockets
2002-03 Kelowna Rockets
2001-02 Red Deer Rebels
2000-01 Red Deer Rebels
1999-00 Calgary Hitmen
1998-99 Calgary Hitmen
1997-98 Portland Winter Hawks
1996-97 Lethbridge Hurricanes
1995-96 Brandon Wheat Kings
1994-95 Kamloops Blazers
1993-94 Kamloops Blazers
1992-93 Swift Current Broncos
1991-92 Kamloops Blazers
1990-91 Kamloops Blazers
Kamloops Blazers
1988-89 Swift Current Broncos
1987-88 Saskatoon Blades
1986-87 Kamloops Blazers
1985-86 Medicine Hat Tigers
1984-85 Prince Albert Raiders
1983-84 Kamloops Junior Oilers
1982-83 Saskatoon Blades
1981-82 Lethbridge Broncos
1980-81 Victoria Cougars
1979-80 Portland Winter Hawks
1978-79 Brandon Wheat Kings
1977-78 Brandon Wheat Kings
1976-77 Brandon Wheat Kings
1975-76 New Westminster Bruins
1974-75 Victoria Cougars
1973-74 Regina Pats
1972-73 Saskatoon Blades
1971-72 Calgary Centennials
1970-71 Edmonton Oil Kings
1969-70 Flin Flon Bombers
1968-69 Flin Flon Bombers
1967-68 Flin Flon Bombers
1966-67 Edmonton Oil Kings


Doug Wickenheiser Memorial Trophy

The Humanitarian of the Year recognizes the work players do to help and enhance the community they play in. In May of 2001, the Humanitarian of the Year Trophy was named in honour of former Regina Pat, Doug Wickenheiser for both his contribution on and off the ice.

Not awarded during the 2020-21 season.

Humanitarian Award Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Humanitarian of the Year

2019-20 Riley Fiddler-Schultz, Calgary
Will Warm, Edmonton
Ty Ronning, Vancouver
Tyler Wong, Lethbridge*
Tyler Wong, Lethbridge
2014-15 Taylor Vickerman, Tri-City
2013-14 Sam Fioretti, Moose Jaw
2012-13 Cody Sylvester, Calgary
2011-12 Taylor Vause, Swift Current
2010-11 Spencer Edwards, Moose Jaw*
2009-10 Matt Fraser, Kootenay
2008-09 Taylor Procyshen, Tri-City
2007-08 Ashton Hewson, Prince Albert
2006-07 Kyle Moir, Swift Current*
2005-06 Wacey Rabbit, Saskatoon
2004-05 Colin Fraser, Red Deer*
2003-04 Braydon Coburn, Portland
2002-03 Ryan Craig, Brandon*
2001-02 Brandin Cote, Spokane*
2000-01 Jim Vandermeer, Red Deer*
1999-00 Chris Nielsen, Calgary
1998-99 Andrew Ference, Portland
1997-98 Jesse Wallin, Red Deer
1996-97 Jesse Wallin, Red Deer*
1995-96 Darryl Laplante, Moose Jaw
1994-95 Grady Mason, Moose Jaw
1993-94 Jason Widmer, Lethbridge
1992-93 Jamie Pushor, Lethbridge


Allen Paradice Memorial Trophy

Al Paradice is being recognized for his many years of service to the Western Hockey League. After many years as a referee in the WHL, including officiating in the 1977 Memorial Cup in Vancouver, Paradice stepped into the position of West Division Supervisor of Officials. The top on-ice official, as voted on annually by the coaches and General Managers of the WHL teams, receives the Allen Paradice Memorial Trophy.

Not awarded during the 2020-21 season.

Top Official Winners:

2019-20 Jeff Ingram
Brett Iverson
Brett Iverson
Brett Iverson
Chris Schlenker
2014-15 Reagan Vetter
2013-14 Nathan Wieler
2012-13 Nathan Wieler
2011-12 Pat Smith
2010-11 Matt Kirk
2009-10 Chris Savage
2008-09 Chris Savage
2007-08 Andy Thiessen
2006-07 Andy Thiessen
2005-06 Kyle Rehman
2004-05 Rob Matsuoka
2003-04 Rob Matsuoka
2002-03 Steve Kozari
2001-02 Kevin Acheson
2000-01 Kevin Acheson
1999-00 Mike Hasenfratz
1998-99 Kelly Sutherland
1997-98 Brad Meier
1996-97 Tom Kowal
1995-96 Lonnie Cameron
1994-95 Tom Kowal



Not awarded during the 2020-21 season.

Marketing/Business Award Winners:

2019-20 Lethbridge Hurricanes 
Everett Silvertips
Edmonton Oil Kings
Regina Pats
Victoria Royals
2014-15 Kelowna Rockets
2013-14 Seattle Thunderbirds
2012-13 Kamloops Blazers
2011-12 Corey Nyhagen, Moose Jaw
2010-11 Mike Moore, Calgary
2009-10 Zoran Rajcic, Everett
2008-09 Mike Bortolussi, Medicine Hat
2007-08 Kip Reghenas, Calgary
2006-07 Bruce Vance, Prince Albert
2005-06 Dave Andjelic, Medicine Hat
2004-05 Roger Lemire, Vancouver
2003-04 Mark Stiles, Calgary
2002-03 Anne-Marie Hamilton, Kelowna & Reid Pedersen, Regina
2001-02 Greg McConkey, Red Deer
2000-01 Mark Miles, Spokane
1999-00 Mike Jenkins, Prince Albert
1998-99 Scott Clark, Regina
1997-98 Dane MacKinnon, Prince George
1996-97 Pat Garritty, Red Deer
1995-96 Dave Pier, Spokane
1994-95 Herm Hordal, Saskatoon
1993-94 Mark Miller, Portland
1992-93 Rick Dillabough, Brandon
1991-92 Mark Dennis, Tacoma
1990-91 Bill Lee, Seattle
1989-90 Jeff Chynoweth, Lethbridge


2020-21 WHL Plus-Minus Award

Jake Neighbours, Edmonton Oil Kings (+29)

Plus-Minus Award Winners:

* Also selected as the CHL Plus-Minus Award Winner

2019-20 Noah King, Spokane (+60)
Brayden Pachal, Prince Albert (+76)
Glenn Gawdin, Swift Current (+61)
Sergey Zborovskiy, Regina (+72)
Ivan Provorov, Brandon (+64)
Oliver Bjorkstrand, Portland (+60)
Cole Martin, Kelowna (+61)
Nicolas Petan, Portland (+68)
Mark Stone, Brandon
Brendan Shinnimin, Tri-City
Zachary Yuen, Tri-City (+45) (Tie)
 Stefan Elliott, Saskatoon (+62)
Colby Robak, Brandon (+56)
 Paul Postma, Calgary (+67)
Greg Scott, Seattle (+40)
 Jonathon Blum, Vancouver (+37)
Paul Albers, Vancouver (+38)
James Cherewyk, Kootenay (+39)
2003-04 A
ndrew Ladd, Calgary (+39)
Matthew Spiller, Seattle (+50)
Matt Hubbauer, Regina (+37)
Jim Vandermeer, Red Deer (+49)
Kenton Smith, Calgary (+65)
Pavel Brendl, Calgary (+68)
Andrew Ference, Portland (+75)*
1996-97 Peter Schaefer, Brandon (+57)
Hugh Hamilton, Spokane (+59)
Darren Ritchie, Brandon (+64)*
1993-94 Mark Wotton, Saskatoon (+66)*
Mark Wotton, Saskatoon (+47)
1991-92 Dean McAmmond, Prince Albert (+56)*
1990-91 Frank Evans, Spokane (+72)
Len Barrie, Kamloops (+87)*
Darren Stolk, Medicine Hat (+40)
1987-88 Mark Recchi, Kamloops (+77)
1986-87 Rob Brown, Kamloops (+55)*


WHL Playoffs MVP Winners:

2019 Ian Scott, Prince Albert
Glenn Gawdin, Swift Current
Mathew Barzal, Seattle
Nolan Patrick, Brandon
2015 Leon Draisaitl, Kelowna
2014 Griffin Reinhart, Edmonton
2013 Ty Rattie, Portland
2012 Laurent Brossoit, Edmonton
2011 Nathan Lieuwen, Kootenay
2010 Martin Jones, Calgary
2009 Tyler Myers, Kelowna
2008 Tyler Johnson, Spokane
2007 Matt Keetley, Medicine Hat
2006 Gilbert Brule, Vancouver
2005 Shea Weber, Kelowna
2004 Kevin Nastiuk, Medicine Hat
2003 Jesse Schultz, Kelowna
2002 Duncan Milroy, Kootenay
2001 Shane Bendera, Red Deer
2000 Dan Blackburn, Kootenay
1999 Brad Moran, Calgary
1998 Brent Belecki, Portland
1997 Blaine Russell, Lethbridge
1996 Bobby Brown, Brandon
1995 Nolan Baumgartner, Kamloops
1994 Steve Passmore, Kamloops
1993 Andrew Schneider, Swift Current
1992 Jarrett Deuling, Kamloops