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The length of the pants should overlap with the shin pads’ top padding, covering approximately 2” and should be fitted according to waist size or in group size from S-XXL. For female players, fit the hips first then check the position of the leg and kidney pads to ensure they cover these areas adequately.

Padding around the ribs, hips, thighs and kidneys is important to ensure proper protection. Padding around the waist of the pants should cover the kidney area and be snug the entire way around. The padding on the rear should extend far enough to completely cover the tail bone. Thigh padding and hip padding must fit over the appropriate areas to offer maximum protection and still provide full mobility.

Any belts, laces or straps on the pants should be placed just above the hip bone and fit snug, but still allow movement without falling off. If any of the padding cracks, it should be replaced immediately.

All removable padding should be washed with a mild detergent and air dried while the pants should be hung and air dried as well.