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A jersey should be large enough to fit over all upper body equipment and allow for a full range of motion. The length should not extend over the pants, but should be long enough so that it does not ride up or get caught on anything while skating. You do not want the jersey to be too baggy as it could get caught on the bench door or other objects. The arm sleeves should reach to the wrists and the neckline should not press on the back of the neck.

Socks should extend from the top of the foot to the top of the leg to hold the shin pads in position. Socks can be tucked inside the skates or left on the outside, depending on personal preference. Secure the socks with a garter belt system or Velcro straps rather than tape above the knee area, to avoid loss of circulation.

To ensure longevity of the fibres and fabric, wash after each use in cool water and air dry, avoiding any direct heat sources.