Memories on a Mask: Todd Scott


For any goaltender, their helmet is a true reflection of who they are. The artwork done on a goalie’s mask is completely personalized to the man that puts it on every time he hits the ice. When the Oil Kings newest goalie Todd Scott arrived in Edmonton, it didn’t take long for him to get a new mask that allowed him to show off his personality and interests – a mask that  arrived in style.

The artistic mastermind behind the artwork for Scott’s mask, Jason Bartziokas, has done the artwork for Oil Kings goalies for the past seven years. In addition, Bartziokas  resume includes masks for two-time Olympic gold medalist Shannon Szabados, Oil Kings Alumni Tristan Jarry of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chad Johnson of the Buffalo Sabres, to name a few. For Bartziokas, his favourite part of the process is taking the ideas he has and creating something new and unique for his clients.

“The client will call me and let me know the mask is on its way (to Jasper) and then we start the conversation on ideas for the design,” said Bartziokas. “I then create a small sketch based on our conversation so they can get an understanding of what I am picturing for the artwork.”

Scott had a specific idea with personal significance in mind for his mask and from there Bartziokas was able to create a sketch that embodied this.  “When talking to Jason (Bartziokas) and designing this mask, my biggest inspiration was signifying my family and how they have helped me get to the point where I am today,” said Scott. “Growing up my mom or dad (depending on when each had to work) would watch cartoons in the morning with me before school and it always started the day off on a good note. Bugs Bunny was always my favourite along with Daffy Duck and Road Runner. When working with Jason he really helped to bring my ideas that represent who I am come to life. When I got to see the mask for the first time it was a moment to remember, like waking up on Christmas morning. The paint job was incredible and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. It will be one of my favourite masks of all time.”

“Todd was great,” said Bartziokas. “Again, one of those clients who came into the process with a specific idea. He mentioned he had Bugs Bunny on all of his previous masks and was open to letting me design a mask from that idea.”

The Edmonton Oil Kings faced off against the Medicine Hat Tigers last Wednesday night at Rogers Place closing out a quick two-game home stand, preparing to head back out onto the road the next day. Scott’s mask, being completed in Jasper, AB was supposed to be shipped to Edmonton until the realization hit that the mask would not make it to Edmonton in time for the team’s upcoming road trip.

“That morning I was trying to find someone on Facebook to drive the mask from Jasper (where I’m located) to Edmonton,” said Bartziokas. “The Oil Kings were playing that night and leaving early the next morning so Purolator wasn’t going to cut it. I got a response from a family friend, Angelo and his Dad, George, who are pilots. I met them for lunch, handed them Todd’s mask and off they went.”

The mask went 36,000 feet up and away to Edmonton just in time to arrive at the rink mid-warmup. And what arrived was an incredible piece of artwork with some Looney Tunes inspiration flown in just in time to hit the road with the team for their six-game road swing.

Over the years, Bartziokas has designed incredible masks specific to each goaltender who stands between the pipes for the Oil Kings. He helps to tell a special story with each Oil Kings goaltender mask he creates, allowing every goalie to tell their own story every night when they’re out on the ice.

“I’ve really enjoyed the end result of all the Oil Kings masks I have done over the years,” said Bartziokas. “The colours and logos they have are great to work with.”

Now, each time he takes to the ice, Todd Scott will have a mask that truly embodies who he is and reminds him of a childhood memory close to his heart.


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